At Mallory Realty Company Inc, we specialize in a number of services to meet our clients' needs. We are committed to effective planning and implementation. Our goal is to provideĀ  the highest level of efficiency, creativity and professionalism available in the real estate and management arenas. Our mission is to provide superior real estate services, property management services and investment opportunities to all our clients.



Man potential buyers do "drive-bys" before committing to an open house or showing, both in person, in print advertising and on the internet. Let's maximize your home's curb appeal and make potential buyers want to come inside.

Freshen the porch and front door

  • Clean and repair mailbox, street number and porch light
  • Flank the front steps or front door with a pair of large urns with colorful seasonal plants, for a pretty look
  • Clean and polish the door's hardware
  • Clean and sweep away all debris and cobwebs

The Lawn

  • Mow and trim
  • Freshen the pine straw or mulch
  • Add some colorful annuals

Clean the drive way and sidewalk

  • Use a pressure washer to clean your sidewalk and driveway

Cut clutter

  • Get rid of any outdoor knickknacks like holiday decorations, novelty yard ornaments or signs
  • Put away all toys- the children's, pet's and yours too!


Your goal is to showcase your home at its cleanest, roomiest & brightest-Mop, vacuum & dust everything!



  • Dust blinds, repair any broken blinds
  • Wash windows and dust sills inside and out

Check & clean all light and ceiling fan fixtures

  • Clean fixtures, globes & bulbs and use the highest wattage bulbs to brighten the home
  • Ceiling fans need to be turned off and lights on


  • Clear and clean countertops
  • Remove everything off the refrigerator
  • Clean all appliances so the sparkle


  • Organize the counters
  • Fold and straighten towels or even better put out fresh towels
  • Put away all clothing, robes, etc

Cut clutter

  • Don't overstuff your rooms, 2 or 3 items per surface is enough
  • Pack away your knickknacks, magazines, remotes and oversized toys out of sight
  • Make all beds and put away all clothing, toys, shoes, etc.


  • Clean out the ashes & clean glass fire doors
  • Winter-setup logs to burn; Spring and Summer-candle grouping or silk fern will fill that "black" hold
  • If you have gas logs, leave instructions on how to light